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Please select 12 bonbons total from the flavors below to create your ideal assortment.  If a flavor is out of stock we will try to contact you for substitutions!

Almond Yuzu Bonbon
Spiced Yuzu Bonbon
Strawberry Pecan Bonbon (vegan)
Caramel Dark Chocolate Bonbon
Caramel, Fig & Seeds Bonbon
Peach & Cashew Bonbon
PB & J Bonbon
Galaxy Bonbon
CS Signature Bonbon
Turkish Coffee Bonbon
Cookies & Cream Bonbon
Creme Brulee Bonbon
Apricot Tranquility Bonbon
Cold Brew Bonbon
Cherry & Black Pepper Bonbon
María Bonbon
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I can’t get enough of the snap of a thin chocolate shell over a silky center. Bonbons are a work of art to look at and they taste even better; a luxury you can afford.