dessert bar set sq-8885


$36.00 + tax

A showcase of all 4 chocolates: Dark, Milk, White, and Ruby.  Each unique bar features one of the main chocolate categories.

Cherry Pistachio:  Ruby chocolate with cherry, pistachio, & Thai citrus.

Peanut Bar:  Milk chocolate with honey roasted peanuts & caramel.

Raspberry Lychee Bar:  White chocolate with raspberry, lychee, & mango rocher.

Tiramius Bar:  70% dark chocolate with espresso, mascarpone, & cafe-cara crakine.


A gift box with four dessert bars, each featuring a type of choclate: Dark, Milk, White, and Ruby.

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Weight7.1 oz
Dimensions7 × 4.5 × 2 in