Chocolate is my happy obsession! I believe chocolate to be a form of art: its science, its a moment in time, its a passion and a pleasure.


Every dessert at Cinful Sweets isn't just a treat; it's a reflection of a journey that began with a simple love for baking. It was the amalgamation of passion, dedication, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge that propelled us forward. Over the years, Cinful Sweets evolved from a fledgling passion project into the sensation it is today.

The Cinful Beginning


As a Certified Chocolatier and the proud owner of Cinful Sweets, my pursuit of perfection knows no bounds. My journey has led me around the globe, attending master classes to learn from the industry's elite.

My mentors include the acclaimed Chocolatier Vincent Vallee, the renowned Master Sugar Artist Chef Peter Gyorgyicsek, the celebrated Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour, the distinguished Chocolatier and Pastry Chef Norman Love, the esteemed Pastry Chef Susan Notter, and the illustrious US Pastry Team. Each has imparted invaluable techniques, innovative approaches, and artistic insights into the art of dessert creation.

Where a Love for Teaching Transformed into a Passion for Pastry


Growing up in a family unfamiliar with the baking realm, my aspirations took me from Houston to Austin, driven by an academic scholarship at the University of Texas to immerse myself in Secondary Education. But life had a sweet twist in store. It all began with a simple gesture — offering my students a container of animal crackers. Their overwhelming enthusiasm prompted me to introduce them to the warmth of homemade cookies. The delight mirrored in their eyes propelled me down a path I hadn’t foreseen: from cookies to intricate cakes and a spectrum of desserts.

Earning my bachelor’s degree was a milestone, yet the allure of baking beckoned, leading me to the esteemed halls of culinary school. As I honed my skills, Austin's finest hotels and commercial kitchens opened their doors to me, introducing me to the world of chocolate — an art form that blended seamlessly with my creations. My connection deepened with the discovery of chocolate's historical ties to my lineage in Honduras. The Mayans revered cacao beans, associating them with divine rituals. Embracing this legacy, I invite you to celebrate life’s moments with a touch of ancient Mayan magic and modern-day dessert finesse.


At Cinful Sweets, every creation is more than just a dessert – it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and authenticity. We believe in crafting not just flavors but memories that linger, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary celebrations. Our mission is rooted in our passion for desserts, a dedication to sustainability, and a responsibility to our community. As we continue our journey, we pledge to prioritize artisanal craftsmanship, source ethically, and touch lives with every treat. Because at Cinful Sweets, we don't just bake; we build connections, one delightful bite at a time

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